FAQ on Covid-19

1. Is F4E discontinuing its activities?

No. Close to 100% of our staff and contractors normally based in our three main sites in Barcelona, Cadarache and Garching are now teleworking. On the construction site in Cadarache, activities are now limited to the degree possible to ensure the health and safety of all staff while taking into account issues in the supply chains

2. Are meetings in person with F4E cancelled?

Yes. For the time being access to F4E premises is restricted in line with the measures imposed by national governments. Visitors are not allowed to enter F4E offices until further notice. All meetings, if not postponed, are organised remotely via videoconference Likewise, F4E staff members are not travelling or attending meetings outside F4E premises until further notice.

3. Will new pre-procurement (i.e. Market Surveys) and procurement activities (i.e. Call for Tenders) be published as usual?

Yes. For the time being F4E does not foresee delaying the publication of any call for tender.

4. Is F4E awarding new procurement contracts and grants? Will my proposal be evaluated?

Yes. F4E continues to evaluate proposals and conduct competitions to award new procurement contracts. If you have already submitted a proposal, it will be evaluated. If you have not yet submitted a proposal for an existing opportunity, you may still submit a timely proposal that will be evaluated.

5. Is there an automatic extension of deadlines?

No. Ad hoc extensions maybe granted upon request as usual. There are no changes in the procurement policy in this regard.

6. As a F4E’s contractor, I am experiencing delays to the COVID-19 disruptions. do I have to inform F4E?

Yes, the F4E contractor must immediately report any unforeseen event which negatively impacts the execution of the contract to F4E. The report must include a description of the problem, an indication of the date on which it started and the actions taken to ensure the performance under the Contract within the given circumstances.

7. Does COVID-19 constitute a Force Majeure under my contract with F4E?

Where the execution of contracts is impeded because of COVID-19, a case-by-case analysis is necessary to determine whether the specific disruptions suffered by the F4E Contractor fall under the definition of Force Majeure under the contract in question. In principle, a Force Majeure relieves a Party under the F4E Contract (ie.the Contractor or F4E) from the consequences of a failure to comply with an obligation under the Contract (e.g. delay) where that failure is due to the occurrence of a situation which fulfils four conditions: (1) it is “unforeseeable”, (2) “exceptional” and (3) “beyond the control of the Party”. Moreover, (4) the situation must prevent a Party from performing (fully or partially) the tasks under the Contract. A timely information of the other Party is requested.

8. I have a question relating to a call for tender/contract not addressed in this FAQ, whom should I contact?

If you are a contractor and the question relates to your contract please contact your “F4E contact point” as established in the contractual provisions. Most fixed line telephones are forwarded, so you should be able to reach them as usual.

9. It is difficult or impossible for us to send invoices through normal mail. Can we send them by email?

Fusion for Energy has adjusted its procedure for the transmission of invoices by suppliers in order to adapt to these exceptional circumstances. We are pleased to offer you the possibility to temporarily send your invoices in pdf format by email to the following mailbox: invoice-reception@f4e.europa.eu We will confirm receipt of your invoice by return email. This procedure is in place until the situation reverts to normal, and no amendment (deviation) will be necessary for its validity. Fusion for Energy will continue to accept invoices sent by post as well. However if an invoice is sent by email, no submission of the paper version through other channels should be made. For any questions on the abovementioned process please refer to the Commercial Manager or Commercial Manager.

For questions related to Market Surveys or other pre-procurement activities contact your usual contact in Market Analysis Group For any other inquiries, please send an e-mail to info@f4e.europa.eu

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