The Regulations below represent the main pieces of legislation that regulate F4E’s procurement and grants’ activity.

- F4E Financial Regulation (entry into force 01.01.2020)PDF File
- General Financial Regulation PDF File


This section contains a range of informative documents that offer detailed guidance on Fusion for Energy's procurement processes. These resources provide valuable insights and instructions for tenderers looking to participate in F4E's procurement opportunities.

Guidelines for tenderers

This document serves as an introductory guide for tenderers, providing an overview of Fusion for Energy, our mission, and the various business opportunities available for your company. It also explains key concepts and provides valuable information to help you prepare a successful tender, including the necessary documentation and considerations.

- Guidelines for Tenderers

Guidance on supporting documentation for the Exclusion Criteria

This document provides comprehensive guidance on the supporting documentation required to demonstrate compliance with the exclusion criteria. It outlines the necessary documents and information that tenderers need to submit to meet the requirements.

- External Guidance on support documentation for the Exclusion Criteria PDF File

Guidance on how to submit a tender

The below links provide valuable resources to guide companies through the process of registering, preparing, and submitting a tender. It includes two instructional videos and a presentation that offer step-by-step guidance on the tender submission process. These materials aim to facilitate a smooth and efficient tendering experience for potential tenderers.

- Presentation for Tenders. PDF File
- Supplier registration (video)
- How to submit a tender? (video)


Below you may find comprehensive guidelines for organizations interested in applying for grants. These guidelines aim to assist potential grantees in understanding the necessary steps and requirements for successful grant applications, ensuring transparency and fairness throughout the process.

- Reimbursement Guidelines for Fusion for Energy (F4E) Grants - applying to grant agreements signed after 1 June 2016
- Reimbursement Guidelines for Fusion for Energy (F4E) Grants - applying to grant agreements signed before 1 June 2016
- Model report on use of resources - applying to grant agreements signed before 1 June 2016


The Annexes below are to be used in those procedures that require them as indicated in the Invitation. Please, consider that each call for tender requires different Annexes, not every and all of them are always applicable and/or needed. Consult the Invitation to see which Annexes are needed in each particular case. Annexes not listed below are obtainable as indicated in the related Invitation (for example, Annexes 01, 02, 11, 12 will be provided by other means).

Please, check which Annexes are applicable to the specific procedure in the related “Invitation” (to tender/to participate).

-Annex 03 Declaration on Acceptance of Contractual Conditions
-Annex 04 Declaration on Honour on Exclusion and Selection criteria
-Annex 05 Identification Form
-Annex 06 Legal Entity Form
-Annex 07 Financial Identification Form
-Annex 08 Agreement and Power of Attorney
-Annex 09 Technical Third-Party Undertaking Form
-Annex 10 Financial Third-Party Undertaking Form
-Annex 13 Technical Capacity Safety Criterion (Template)
-Annex 16 Letter of intent for subcontractors
-Annex 17 Declaration of background
-Annex 18 Transportation Services and related Insurance
-Annex 19 Model Transportation Contract
-Annex 20 Compliance Matrix of the Preferred Carrier
-Annex 21 F4E CL Direct Costs Table
-Annex 22 Payable Services Direct Costs
-Annex 23 Third Party’s Joint Liability Form


(for the draft contract of the correspondent procedure please refer to the CfT documentation)


- Model General conditions for Purchase Order
- Model Direct Services Contract
- Model Direct Supply Contract
- Model Framework Contract for Services
- Model Low Value Contract (Supply)
- Daily subsistence allowances
- IP Provisions for model contract (joint ownership)
- IP Provisions for model contract (contractor’s ownership)
- IP Provisions for model contract (F4E’s ownership)


- General Conditions Framework Service Contracts
- General Conditions Framework Supply Contracts
- General Conditions Direct Service Contracts
- General Conditions Direct Supply Contracts
- General Conditions for Low value Contracts


- Cost Reimbursement Model Grant Agreement for Single Beneficiary
- Cost Reimbursement Model Grant Agreement for Multiple Beneficiaries
- Framework Partnership Agreement for Single Beneficiary
- Framework Partnership Agreement for Multiple Beneficiaries


The below set of documentation serves as a fundamental framework for Fusion for Energy (F4E) and are crucial references for complying with technical requirements. It is important to consult the relevant documentation specified in each call for accurate and up-to-date information.

QA and Nuclear Safety Documentation

- F4E Management and Quality Programme for ITER Project (EUDA QAP) (P-01.18) (F4E_D_22MCBA v3.0)
- QA-115 v4.4 Supplier Quality Requirements and applicable documents (for information purpose only)
- QA-115 v5.5 Supplier Project Management and Quality Requirements and applicable documents
- QA-113 v2.1 Supplier Nuclear Safety Management Requirements
- F4E Policy on Nuclear Safety Management

F4E Dimensional Metrology Handbook (DMH)

The purpose of this document is to supply information relating to dimensional metrology to all Fusion For Energy suppliers and project teams.

- Dimensional Metrology Handbook (DMH) PDF File


Contracts awarded by F4E in the scope of the Directives are published in the Official Journal of the European Union at the latest 30 days after the signature of the correspondent contract.

In the below lists you can find a compilation of contracts of an amount below the Public Procurement Directive awarded by Fusion for Energy (F4E) each year. The referred contracts that are not published in the Official Journal.

- Annual List of Contracts 2021
- Annual List of Contracts 2020
- Annual List of Contracts 2019
- Annual List of Contracts 2018

Personal data protection

Fusion for Energy processes the personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data. The purpose of the processing, legal basis, rights of the individual experts, recipients and other aspects of the personal data processing in Fusion for Energy are provided in the following Privacy Notices

Among others, you can find there the following Privacy Notices:
- Industry Portal
- Procurement and Grant Procedures
- Contract and Grant Implementation (Excluding Claims)
- Experts (with and without contracts)
- Info Days and Market Survey

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