MISCELLANEOUS (Diag/HCD/RH): F4E launches a market survey on IRRADIATION FACILITIES in Europe 


Introduction to the survey: Nuclear radiation (mainly neutron and gamma) released during the burning process is of concern for ITER equipment used in plasma diagnostics, heating and current drive, and remote handling. To address the concern, a Framework Contract  for large radiation testing program of equipment and prototypes is planned to be launched by F4E in the near future (WP11/55/08). This radiation testing program aims to assess the radiation-tolerance and lifetime of various components, such as electronics and photonic devices, magnetic sensors, cables, sealing, electrical actuators, optical window, bolometers, pressure gauges and other type of dielectric materials (note: the present testing program explicitly excludes testing of structural materials and metals).

To assist the preparation of the radiation testing program, F4E is looking for suppliers with the know-how for designing and conducting complex experimental radiation tests mainly in fission reactors and gamma irradiation facilities, and to a lesser extent using accelerators. This present market survey aims to identify which European actors are interested in participating as a potential supplier to the radiation testing program, and to identify the availability of their irradiation facilities for the next 3 years.

You are invited to fill-in the short Excel questionnaire and to send it to industryportal-info@f4e.europa.eu with IRRADIATION MARKET SURVEY as title.

DEADLINE: 15/08/2011




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