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Call Description
Call Reference F4E-OPE-540. open_in_new
Call Title Emergency electrical power distribution (TB13).
Status Closed
Publish 19-11-2014
Deadline 07-01-2015 00:00
Value (EUR) Not defined
Type Contract notice
Procedure Type Restricted procedure
The scope of the contract includes the delivery of electrical, nuclear qualified protection important components (PICs) (also referred to as safety important component (SIC)) distribution equipment and buildings associated with that equipment. The scope of the contract is broken down in the following activities:
1. construction design, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the following electrical equipment:
— PIC electrical distribution equipment,
— 15 kV equipment for back-up from CEA,
— PIC electrical diesel generators,
— PIC fuel tanks and fuel transfer system;
2. detailed and construction design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of buildings and trenches including the following civil works and technical works related to the PIC electrical equipment:
— emergency power supply building (train a) (building 44),
— emergency power supply building (train B) (building 45),
— electrical load centres,
— fuel storage tanks train A — PIC tank (building 42),
— fuel storage tanks train B — PIC tank (building 43),
— PIC generator building (train B) (building 57),
— PIC generator building (train A) (building 58).
This includes the foundations, main structure, earthing and lightning protection systems, all finishing works as well as all technical services such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control, liquid and gas, drainage, handling devices and fire protection.