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Call Description
Call Reference PF coils cold test facility (ref.: F4E-OPE-585). open_in_new
Call Title PF coils cold test facility (ref.: F4E-OPE-585).
Status Awarded
Publish 08-03-2016
Value (EUR) Not defined
Type Contract award notice
Procedure Type Competitive dialogue
The scope of this call for tender is the engineering, provision, installation, acceptance testing and maintenance of the PF coils cold test facility.
The ITER poloidal field coils will be cold tested in a facility in the east side of the PF building. Those tests are considered as a final acceptance test of the coil.
The cold test facility aims at performing the cold test according to the requirements agreed with IO such as the cooling rate, the temperature of the cold test, etc.
The main components of the cold test facility are:
— a refrigeration system with a cooling power of around 25 kW (at 90 K) or any other system that can provide the cold power needed to cool down the PF coils with He gas to 90 K or less. This cooling system can be provided by any of the following methods:
• a dedicated cold box that is either leased by F4E or purchased together with the other system components,
• through the use of a temporary liquid nitrogen supply connected with a heat exchanger to the helium gas circuit, and other system components (like heat exchangers, compressors and buffers),
— transfer lines,
— valve box,
— junction box,
— cryostats and screens,
— control and supervision system.