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Call Description
Call Reference F4E-OMF-1108 open_in_new
Call Title Joint Procurement for Electron Cyclotron (EC) RF Sources/Gyrotrons
Status Awarded
Publish 27-05-2022
Value (EUR) 60,000,000.00
Type Contract award notice
Procedure Type Competitive procedure with negotiation
— For F4E: Supply of six gyrotrons of 1 MW at 170 GHz with continuous wave long pulse of up to 3600s to be delivered at ITER site;
— For Divertor Tokamak Test facility (DTT): Supply of up to sixteen gyrotrons of 1 MW at 170 GHz with pulse length of 100 s. Two pre-series gyrotrons will be delivered to the Falcon test Facility, SPC (Lausanne, CH); the other fourteen series gyrotrons will be delivered to the DTT site (Frascati, Italy).