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Here you will find guidance, tutorials and all necessary information to do business.

How to Apply

How to Apply


  1. Get informed: this is a key moment for your company to be able to prepare and decide. During the pre-procurement phase, you may get information on upcoming calls via the announcements posted on the Industry Portal (Market Surveys, Information days, ITER Business forum, BSBFS or other conferences), as well as via your National Industry Liaison Officer. You may also search for a specific procedure via this link.

    At the account management/partners database section, you can fill out a form and register to enter our pool of companies and be notified of upcoming business events and opportunities (market surveys, Information Days, business forums, etc.), to search potential associates for creating a consortium, and to guarantee your visibility when F4E is looking for potential candidates. All you need to do is register by filling out basic information about your institution at the following link.

  2. Register on EU Supply: To check all of the Call documentation and decide whether you are interested or not, register on EU Supply and there access the documentation regarding the call. Once you decide you are interested in a specific Call for Tender, and you want to apply, you must register your company at least 48 hours before the submission deadline of the tender. For further information, please consult the following tutorial on Supplier registration

    If you are interested and believe you can comply with all of the requirements, you may go ahead and register and prepare your tender.

  3. Prepare your tender: Please carefully watch the following tutorial to better understand how to prepare and correctly submit your tender and meet the requirements, consents and information prepared above. Before clicking the submit button, ensure you have provided all of the documentation required. Check tutorials such as How to submit a tender? and How to prepare a tender for F4E?

    Quick Tutorial

    How to submit a tender?

    How to submit a tender?

  4. Stay updated: Regularly check the link where the call you are interested in is located. Clarifications, extensions and responses to questions asked by other potential tenderers are communicated to all of the companies registered for that call. Important information regarding upcoming procedures is published during the info days on the F4E website. For further information or any doubts you may have, please do not hesitate to ask questions via EU Supply – Q&A Section for your Call for Tender.

Good luck! We are looking forward to doing business with you in the future and having you on board in our ITER project.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding this Guidelines for Tenderers document, please do not hesitate to send them to the following email address: