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Title MAGNETS: F4E sells about 5 tons of surplus Nb3Sn conductor strands.
CategoryF4E Calls

F4E is selling its excess Nb3Sn conductor strand following the completion of magnets for the ITER project. Two variants are available – one manufactured using a “Bronze Route” process and the other an “Internal Tin” process.
The principal geometric, electrical and material properties are described.
Approximately 300 kg (66 km) of “Bronze Route” Nb3Sn strand is to be made available.
Approximately 4,700 kg (980 km) of “Internal Tin” Nb3Sn strand is to be made available.
In addition, 84 kg of copper strand, produced to the same dimensions as the Nb3Sn strand, are also available.

See details in attachment. In case of interest please contact charalampos.kostopoulos@f4e.europa.eu


Date of publication 09-02-24
Deadline 15-03-24