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Manteinance Notice

The F4E Industry Portal is undergoing a re-design, which may result in some inconsistencies. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding. Feedback is welcome!


Industry Portal at a Glance

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The Industry and Fusion Laboratories Portal is your point of entry for F4E’s business opportunities.

Industry Portal at a Glance

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F4E's Industry and Fusion Laboratories Portal serves as a comprehensive hub for individuals interested in establishing business relations with F4E.

The Portal provides essential information on business opportunities, procurement procedures, guidelines for submitting proposals to Calls for Tender, and reference procurement documents. It also features a partner's database and direct access to the e-procurement platform.

In addition to announcing Calls for Tender (which are also published on TED), the portal offers access to crucial reference materials like contract notices, specifications, and technical annexes. Any updates about a specific tender, such as corrigenda or changes in deadlines, are promptly shared on the Industry Portal.

Furthermore, the portal serves as a platform for announcing Information Days, conducting Market Surveys, and sharing general information relevant to our procurement activities. Historical announcements can be found here.

It includes a dedicated section for Industrial Liaison Officers (ILOs), enabling companies to locate the corresponding ILO responsible for their territory of operation.

Here you can:
Explore F4E Business Opportunities
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Latest Published News info

Reference / News title Categories Date
F4E sells 3 metrology instruments Other Opportunities 23-11-23
BUILDINGS Procurement Strategy Forthcoming 26-10-23
Supply of JT-60SA Dummy Loads 2023/S 204-642254 - Contract award notice Awards 24-10-23
Provision of Nuclear Safety Inspections Support F4E Calls 17-10-23
SOFT Innovation Prize 2024, rewarding achievements in fusion energy ! Other Opportunities 17-10-23
ITER Org - Market Survey on the Supply of Spectral Calibration System Market survey 06-10-23
MAGNETS - PF Coils Tooling new opportunity Other Opportunities 06-10-23
ADMIN - F4E-AMF-1343 Ex Ante Publicity Negotiated Procedure for Provision of legal services on the implementation of contracts subject to Spanish Law F4E Calls 05-10-23
BROADER APPROACH - F4E-OPE-1165 Contract awarded for the Supply of Normal Heat Flux (NHF) Elements for JT-60SA Awards 28-09-23
Do you want to visit the ITER site? Other Opportunities 04-09-23
HEATING AND CURRENT DRIVE - Magnetic Shielding Market Survey Market survey 08-08-23
BROADER APPROACH - JT60SA Diamond Window Assemblies contract awarded Awards 21-07-23
ADMIN [AMF-1482] Extension of Deadline until 14th September 2023 for Call for Tenders for the Provision of Technology Brokerage Services F4E Calls 20-07-23
ISFNT-15 Industry Info Day in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria 12 September 2023 Info Days 06-07-23
ISFNT-15 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria 10-15 September 2023 - Sponsors And Exhibitors' Dossier Info Days 03-07-23
F4E-AMF-1342 Communication Services - Ex-ante Publicity Forthcoming 30-06-23
ExPost publication 2022 (List of contracts) Awards 30-06-23
ADMIN- Information Meeting on F4E-AMF-1482 Provision of Technology Brokerage Services - 5th July 2023 11:00 to 12:30 CET Info Days 28-06-23
ADMIN [AMF-1482] Call for Tenders for the Provision of Technology Brokerage Services F4E Calls 21-06-23
ADMIN: Ex ante publicity F4E-AMF-1462 Relocation Services Forthcoming 27-03-23
ITER Organization: Market Survey for Managerial Measurement Program - 360 Feedback Other Opportunities 27-03-23
TEST BLANKET MODULES: Eurofer97 Plates, Bars, and Tubes Market Survey Market survey 09-06-23
MAGNETS: Resale of Gantry Crane and Cold Test Facility of PF Coils - Market Survey Market survey 21-02-23
BUILDINGS [OPE-1496] Market Survey Architect Engineer II Market survey 23-05-23
BUILDINGS [OMF-1487] Market Survey Market survey 14-05-23
ADMIN: Ex ante publicity F4E-AMF-1489 Service car Forthcoming 30-03-23
MAGNETS: Cancellation of procedure F4E-OSA-1404 for Resale of PF Coils tooling Other Opportunities 05-04-23
MAGNETS: Resale of Orbital welding machine Other Opportunities 05-04-23
ITER Organization: Market Survey on Supply of ITER In-Vessel Coils (IVC) Flowmeters Other Opportunities 15-05-23
ITER Organization: Tokamak Cooling Water System multiple Market Surveys Other Opportunities 14-05-23
F4E Technology Transfer Award contest. Deadline to apply for the Prize: 19th of May 2023 Other Opportunities 05-05-23